In the digital realm of HOVR, data is all we know and all we are.
be brave, be fast, be a legend.

Elite hovrboards

  • 16 classes, 480 unique traits and 6 rarities
  • Unlocks Exclusive Rewards in HOVR GAME
  • 3D model included for use in other games
  • Cruise around the entire Realm metaverse

HOVR Quest

The fate of HOVR is in your hands. join Kryptos on a quest to restore the mainframe and ignite the data revolution.

complete THE HOVR quest and unlock your RETRO board

#1111 Free 2 own
retro boards

  • 6 unique Retro HOVR boards
  • 100 retro boards win Elite boards
  • Retro boards include Elite whitelist
MAY 2023

Race in the hovr game

Race for free on basic boards, NFT boards earn 3x rewards

Race in the hovr Game



tume trial

Time Trial





$1000 Weekly rewards


exclusive board holder rewards

Exclusive board
holder rewards

Holders are rewarded with 10% of supply in tournaments

gear up. strap in and get ready to race.
The ultimate victory
is in your grasp.

mint your
ELITE HovrBoard

  • Get lucky in the randomised Mint on Magic Eden
    3PM UTC
    30TH APRIL 23
  • Reveal which board you receive and race!
    3PM UTC
    30th APRIL 23

How to ride your board
in 3 easy steps

HOVR Distribution


What is HOVR?

A dope HOVR boarding game where you can race, battle each other in the arena and win rare boards! New gameplay types dropping regularly such as Arena mode and Freestyle.

How do i get a free retro board?

All players that complete the HOVR quest line in the realm mobile app and connect a wallet will be entered into a lottery to win the Retro boards. 

The quest drops on 9th March 2023 and you must complete the quest by the 9th April 2023. Retro boards are Free to Own, come with perks such as free Elite boards and guaranteed whitelist to the Elite mint.

Do I need a board to play?

More players, more fun, so NO you don’t need a board to play but you will need an Elite or Retro board if you want to be eligible in competitions to win Elite boards.

How many Elite boards are for sale?

Only 4000 of the 5555 are for sale, the rest will be used as rewards to Elite board holders, Retro board holders and Quantpod holders (Previous Free Mint by Realm).

What is Realm?

Realm is the mobile gaming platform and metaverse that HOVR is built on. Download the app to start exploring different realms, create realms of your own for free and earn $REALM for simply engaging.

How do I get an Elite Board?

Click the whitelist button and connect a web3 wallet such as metamask or trustwallet. Sign to show you own the wallet (we do not request any permissions), add your email address and download our app to be in with the chance to win a Mythic gold board.

How about rarities?

Elite boards are unique generative 3d game assets composed of 480 unique elements. There are 80 unique board variants with 6 individual traits each. These variants range from Mythic to Common and have corresponding % chances of making up one of the 6 elements of your board.

There are also 160 ‘Genesis’ boards - perfect combinations of all of the traits of each board design - the odds of this occurring during generation are insanely small so these will be extremely rare!

What is the difference between Elite and Retro boards?

Elite boards are:
Highly unique as they are made of 480 unique traits
Earn 5x more rewards than Retro boards
Can be used across the entire realm metaverse, so you no longer need to walk anywhere : )

Retro boards can only be used in the HOVR worlds.
Both boards include a 3D model for use in other virtual environments.

How much are the Elite boards?

Elite boards will cost $50-$60, the price may vary slightly if the price of the cryptocurrency varies. You will be able to pay in ETH, Matic, Stablecoin.

Is this a blockchain game?

Realm welcomes all types of gamers. The Retro boards and Elite boards are minted on the blockchain and you will need a web3 wallet like Metamask or Trustwallet. The generic board is stored on server and does not require a wallet but won’t be eligible to win Elite boards.

How do weekly rewards work?

Weekly HOVR rewards will take varying formats, ranging from weekly leaderboard competitions to time-limited events. As more game types are launched rewards will focus on the new modes of play to keep things interesting! Rewards will be in $REALM tokens and Elite boards that have been reserved from supply as competitive prizes.

a collab with Nexthype, story, name artists......

Next Hype is a web3 oriented multimedia powerhouse. Thanks to a chosen pool of internal artists, network & necessary experience, they want to encourage brands to enter a new era of marketing.

As we and our clients strive to meet the spirit of this modern times, it is our duty to deliver high quality content in the most efficient way, taking the digital presence of the brand to a new standard.Mankind is again on the brink of something extremely powerful, that could change our perception of a modern lifestyle. Exactly like the early era of the Internet, the Metaverse was first ridiculed but slowly began to gain acceptance after big players joined the race. Immersive virtual experiences are the future and the metaverse is a mighty tool to shape it.
Next Hype’s goal is to drive and shape this new world with the power of great artists & impossible visions.

Over 30 People from Realm and NextHype worked on this project, from the inspiration of design, expanding technical limitations, music and animations. Through strong collaboration and a mutual vision we createdover 100 unique boards to fill the Hovrverse with life.